We operate a diverse range of learning programs that focus on active participation through exploration of our environment and surroundings.



LifeTides Educational programs

LifeTides offers many adventure learning opportunities, and a continuing education environment for youth, seniors, retirees and multi-generational programs. We know that this fosters learning through experience.   Participants from around the United States and abroad visit the Lowcountry for educational opportunities not found anywhere else.  LifeTides Institute serves as the host for the Road Scholar Program (see below); it provides outstanding, yet affordable accommodations, including pre- and post-course stays in a beautiful coastal marsh setting. Please contact us for more information.


Continuing Education through the road scholar program

Hosted by the LifeTides Institute, the Road Scholar Program offers a broad array of adventure learning opportunities, especially a continuing education platform for seniors,  retirees and multi-generational programs.  For LifeTides, this includes "Kayaking the Lowcountry",  birding, watercolor and sketching, and an introduction to Barbeque of the Lowcountry Region.

PLEASE NOTE - FALL 2018 Participants in Road Scholar programs: Our location for hosting Road Scholar programs HAS NOT been negatively affected by Hurricane Florence. There has been no impact from the storm in our local river basin area and we will continue to host our Fall programs for Kayaking, Birding, BBQ and Watercolor.


Working with Area youth

Many of the youth of this region are increasingly disconnected from their own backyards - sequestered in schools that can feel restraining.   LifeTides strives to get many of these children outdoors and in their own natural surroundings so that they can come to really know a place.  And once they truly know about these currently unspoiled areas— and their own personal relationship to them- then this provides the foundation for stronger caring and stewardship for this region’s future.

Not only does this contribute to the goal of stronger leadership and stewardship for the future, but learning outdoors also supports team-building, understanding relationships between people and their surroundings, and fosters stronger interpersonal and coping skills. Recent research even shows that learning outdoors improves cognitive skills and brain development, especially among younger children.